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October 15.1948-People's Liberation Army to overcome Jinzhou

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October 15, 1948 (September 13, Lunar New Year), the People's Liberation Army to overcome Jinzhou. In 14,

People's Liberation Army to overcome Jinzhou
People's Liberation Army to overcome Jinzhou
People's Liberation Army to overcome Jinzhou
People's Liberation Army to overcome Jinzhou
1948 Liberation Army Northeast Field Jinzhou the offensive launched
October 1948, Chiang Kai-shek flew to Shenyang military conference held personally deployment assistance Kam military. The decision forces numbered Shenyang attack corps and the defensive corps of battle. Attack Corps said Liaoxi Corps, Corps "(West), commander of by Liao Yaoxiang any. The defensive corps commander, defense Zhou Fucheng any Kaiyuan, Tieling, Liaoyang Shenyang core. , Chiang Kai-shek,
10 15 flights to Shenyang to convene the northeast military generals lecture and individually summoned the Commander-in-Chief of Wei Lihuang, Xuzhou "bandits" of the Northeast "bandits" deputy commander Du Yuming instructions The machine should be. The same day return to Peking, listen to Fu Zuoyi of North China Military and Political Report. The fall in Jinzhou, Changchun sixtieth after the military uprising, the Chiang Kai-shek in the third of 18 flights to Shenyang, research strategies. the
10, 10, 2009, Mao Zedong's call to Lin Biao: "you as quickly as possible to overcome Jinzhou. As long as overcome to Jinzhou, you will have the initiative. "Northeast Field Army, according to the Central Military Commission of the electric shows, the KMT reinforcements blocking the main focus 16 divisions, artillery fire support, began in the 14th general attack Jinzhou City, after 31 hours fighting, on the evening of the 15th overcome Jinzhou wipe out the KMT defenders 10 million people, prisoners the Northeast "Suppression total" of the deputy commander Fan Hanjie, commander of the Sixth Corps Lieutenant Lu Chun-chuen, etc., the Northeast KMT army withdrawal from onshore to shut the door completely closed. (Lsjt.net) the
the PLA hundreds of artillery to Jinzhou ShouDi implementation the bombardment the
Chiang Kai-shek went to Shenyang to supervise operations
overcome Jinzhou, after liberation Changchun, (history TodayOnHistory.com) Northeast Field surround and annihilate in Montenegro, dahushan area aid Jinzhou Shenyang West the KMT army Liao Yaoxiang Corps

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