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October 15.1964-British Prime Minister Harold Wilson

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(On Jiachen September tenth day), October 15, 1964, British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. In October 1964,

British Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson, the British Parliament election results were announced, Labour defeated by a slight majority of the consecutive Conservative Party in power for 13 years and came to power. Conservative Prime Minister Douglas Holm has Queen resignation the queen summoned Labour leader Harold Wilson appointed him as Prime Minister of Labour government. Wilson tonight appointed some important cabinet ministers, including the Chief Minister of State and Minister of Economic Affairs, George Brown; Foreign Secretary Patrick Gordon Walker; Defence Secretary Denis Healey; Chancellor of the Exchequer James Kara Han and leader of the lower house of Herbert Bowden. The results of the presidential election: 630 seats in the House of Commons, Labour 317 seats, the Conservatives 303 seats, and smaller parties, the Liberal Party 9 seats. Little more than the Conservative Party, the Labour Party 14 seats, only five-seat majority in all the seats. Another one seat yet to statistics. After fierce competition in this election, the Labor Party, from the hands of the Conservative Party won 61 seats, gaining more votes than the Conservative Party in 1959, a decrease of 5.8% to 43.5%, which is the British party in the general election since 1945 in The lost votes up again. A British newspaper said: "Labour were barely win, not as leaders of this party, not because of their policies, but because of the big bourgeoisie Conservative reaction in power for 13 years. "Wilson, the new government is the the five Labour government of British history. Labour beleaguered by the Conservative government in the 1945 general election situation, the overwhelming majority victory once composed the first post-war Labour government, but the Labor Party received only a slight majority of six seats in the 1950 general election, then Ai Tak Lai government lasted only 20 months, followed by another general election was held in 1951, the Conservatives return to power. Wilson made a brief TV Talk admit that Labour received only a tiny majority, but he claimed that "this does not affect the ability of our ruling. He also said that his government will first study the serious economic problems. The Times pointed out: "(the Labour government) remain in the House of thin like a paper too laborious, however, Labour precarious position vulnerable to the erosion of the election to fill. "
Wilson was born in March 1916. His father was a pharmacist. Graduated from Jesus College of Oxford University in 1937, spin any school of economics lecturer. World War II period, moving into government. He has worked in the British war cabinet secretary in the Office of Economic assistants and fuel, power, the Ministry of Economic Statistics Division, 1945, he was elected a Member of Parliament. In 1945-1951, the British Labour Party came to power, in the period from 1947 to 1951, he the Attlee Labour Party cabinet any trade minister. April 1951, due to the Labour Party differences, Wilson quit the Labour Cabinet. Since 1956, Wilson served in the Labour shadow cabinet spokesman for economic affairs, foreign affairs spokesman for the Labour Party Chairman respectively. In 1960 and 1962, he twice compete for the Labour Party deputy leader and Gaitskell, Brown, were unsuccessful. After Gaitskell's death, in February 1963, he finally beat rival Brown, elected leaders and parliamentary group leader of the British Labour Party. In addition, Wilson also served as vice chairman of the Socialist International. Wilson served as leader of the Labour Party during continued implementation of the Labour Party's consistent foreign policy and internal affairs. He has repeatedly stated that, to maintain a strong relationship with the United States "and that" in some aspects of foreign policy, the attitude of the Labour Party is perhaps closer to the views of the United States ". He has several times put forward some concrete plans, and advocating Western pursue "genuine cooperation" with the Soviet Union. He asked to give up Britain's independent nuclear force, and expansion of conventional arms in the United Kingdom, to make a "contribution" to the "defense" of the North Atlantic Group. He was also in favor of the establishment of the U.S. initiative "United Nations police force in order to suppress the colonial peoples for national independence movement. On domestic issues, Wilson focuses aired this British Labour Party election platform, means further equip and strengthen the slogan "modernization" of the big monopolies, announced only in the steel industry and water utilities, the implementation of "nationalization & rdquo ; advocating state intervention in the economy, "plan" to strengthen the implementation of the "incomes policy" based on the rate of industrial expansion, is actually a "wage restraint" policy, while housing, education, employment , prices and other aspects of a lot of promise.
Wilson in October 1964 - 1970 June and March 1974 to 1976 in March, twice as British Prime Minister, was awarded a life peer in 1983, died in London on May 24, 1995.
British Labour Party, on behalf of the Labour Representative Committee "set up in 1900, renamed in 1906 the Labour Party. 60 years, only in power for more than nine years: from January 1924 to November that year and 1929, from June to October in 1931 months two MacDonald government; July 1945 to September 1951, Ed The ceremony the Government. During the Attlee government, internal some enterprise "nationalization" to promote "democratic socialism", and also freeze wages, reduce the standard of living of the working people. In foreign policy, the Labour government to follow the U.S. imperialism, to participate in the North Atlantic aggressive bloc in 1949, participated in the Korean war in 1950. During this time, the Labour government has also imposed the armed intervention in Greece, and Malaya and other colonial bloody crackdown.
1970 British general election, the Conservatives won the Wilson's resignation, Labor Party retreat for the opposition parties. (History TodayOnHistory.com)

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