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October 15.1991-The end of the African-American Justice appointed case storm

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October 15, 1991 (, Xinwei September eighth day), the end of the African-American Justice appointed case storm. ,

1991 10 15, the U.S. Senate to 52 of 48 votes by a majority of blacks Judge Clarence - Thomas as the appointment of the Federal Supreme Court of Justice, thus ending the recent outbreak of a shocked Washington by storm U.S. "political turmoil".
this storm from the Capitol Hill. October 8, the Senate was originally scheduled to vote on the appointment of Thomas, if passed, Thomas can take office. But at this critical juncture, Thomas former female aide accused him 10 years ago, "sexual harassment" of her things suddenly leaked, forcing the Senate postponed a vote to find out the whole story.
originally held the Thomas confirmation hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee during former female assistant, the current Oklahoma State University law professor Anita - Hill raised the allegations, the FBI also for investigation, but Hill and Thomas uncompromising, things can not make a conclusion. Later is said to participate in the hospital the individual Members assistant oppose the appointment of the investigation report to poke a liberal newspaper, widely disseminated by other newspapers and television, and immediately become a hot political news, the sudden this storm.
To this end, the Senate Judiciary Committee from October 11 to 13 successive days, the "exceptional case" once again hold a hearing to testify, Hill, Thomas, and both supporters, the Democratic Party Committee and Members of the Republican Party, but also the war of words. The four major U.S. television networks all day live broadcast, the layout of the main newspapers day a few detailed reports, rare in recent years of political turmoil. However, this incident raucous moment, the results "check uncorroborated" dull ending. Although this sudden storm in the past, but the broad context of the political, social and partisan debate led to this turmoil but intriguing.
Thomas is a highly educated black judge held conservative views. His nomination aroused fierce controversy in the political and social interest groups as early as a few months ago, President Bush nominated him to succeed liberal blacks Justice Marshall vacancy. In the United States, such as "abortion", "civil rights" and other issues important areas of the various interest groups debating sensitive social issues, but also the two parties dispute. Thomas conservative stance in these naturally so he became the focus of the dispute, opponents tried hard to thwart his appointment. When the Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing in September, the two parties come down, because the dispute results, the Committee 7 votes of 7 votes impasse failed to reach recommended for appointment, and the appointment of the case sent to the Senate plenary session to a run-off negative. Allegedly, in the Senate, in addition to 41 Republicans voted for the amendment, there are 13 Democratic lawmakers in favor of the presidential nomination, the appointment seems a foregone conclusion. It is in this case, an internal investigation accused Thomas of sexual harassment "was made public, a time so precarious Thomas appointment case.
so-called "sexual harassment" in the United States, indecent assault intrusion of subordinates by their superiors in the workplace. (Lsjt.net), according to the New York Times and CBS surveys, such examples in the United States is quite common, about 38% of professional women in varying degrees this experience and, therefore, the current sensitive issues in American society one. (On TodayOnHistory.com)
newspapers in the United States believe that regardless of how Ms. Hill allegations, nor to investigate how the FBI report leaked to the newspaper, the spearhead of the storm is not self-evident. Thomas testified that certain people and certain interest groups to unite him "personality damage. Not only that, a Yale University law professor witnessed the drawbacks of the hearing process, the article pointed out, the problem now is that this hearing process "has become absurd", has reached such a point, that any nominee shall be guilty of any wrongdoing, or are likely to become a political "victim".

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