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February 13.1912-Sun Yat-sen resignation provisional president

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February 13, 1912 (Xinhai twelfth lunar month 26), Sun Yat-sen resignation provisional president. returned from Europe after the success of

Sun Yat-sen resignation provisional president
Sun Yat-sen resignation provisional president
1911 10 10 2011 Wuchang Uprising, on December 25 in Shanghai, was elected provisional president on behalf of the meeting in the 36 provinces in the 29th. Nanjing sworn in on January 1 of the following year, the interim government composed of the Republic of China Nanjing. During his tenure has issued China's first Constitution, the Republic of China Provisional Constitution. February 13, forced the imperialist and feudal forces, resigned from the provisional president post, succeeded by Yuan Shikai. In In February 15, the Sun Yat-sen and the whole State for members of his audience the Ming Xiaoling
Sun Yat-sen, (? v history today?? the com) HuangXing next Hyo Ling photo

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