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October 21.1960-Tibet Parry first to try to grow the crops were harvest

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October 21, 1960, the first two days of September (Boxer), Tibet Parry for the first time to try to grow crops to harvest.

1960 10 21, the eastern Himalayas altitude of four thousand five hundred meters of the world's first city - Parry region, the first time this year to try to grow crops successfully and a good harvest. Now the region more than 400 grams (one gram is approximately equal to an acre) barley, potato harvest have appeared. Highland barley stalk two feet, the big spike Postheading, one ear to more than 100 grains of barley already playing field is generally produced about 75 kilograms per gram. Generally speaking, each half a catty potato producing about 500 kilograms per gram. Round root, radish, spinach and a dozen other vegetables harvest. Round root a heavy 4 kg, juicy sweet water, Tibetans call it "Parry Apple. Radish a multiple of 5 kg.
Parry case of Tibet the Gyangze Zone Yadong County, Yadong to Lhasa city. It is surrounded by mountains, many peak throughout the year covered with snow. Where annual maximum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, the lowest in more than 20 degrees below zero, the frost-free period is only 70 days. It often fog, sometimes heavy snow in June. Past, to Parry's people that can not grow crops. Hundreds of families lived for generations Parry Tibetans, not a farming, food and vegetables has always been to rely on foreign countries to people thanks to bad luck, help odd jobs and living as a small business. Here in the past year can see a piece of verdant highland barley seedlings, but do not have a piece of land barley received food. Tibetans are kind of the purpose of these highland barley is received grass and sell it to and from abroad to feed livestock. Tibetans living here is very difficult, and often buy on food to eat, but then who is not willing to grow crops. Because decades ago they used to do everything possible to try to grow, some people also try to grow successfully, the highland barley mature local feudal ruling class was a hard call to cut off, and said "revenue highland barley Parry To the dead, the whole of Tibet should also be affected. (L $ djτ.ōrɡ) "
With the great victory of the counter-insurgency and democratic reform, Parry, the people stand up to the masters, the Party and government leaders of local people to try to grow. The Chinese Communist Party the Yadong county committee from tens of miles outside the Gala to tune to 500 kg growth period as long as 60 days, highland barley seeds, called for the townships, mutual aid teams generally try to grow. Parry Task Force then made a specific study and arrange for Parry characteristics of proposed measures to local conditions to implement the agricultural the "horoscopes Constitution". Tibetans are generally deep plowing two to three times as deep as 33 centimeters per gram at least fertilize more than 5000 kg, and ahead of more than 30 world species of highland barley maturity much earlier. Mid-September under the light cream, seeing about to mature highland barley will suffer losses, the Task Force and the weather station and leadership smoked way to overcome the attacks of frost. Try to grow the process, task forces and the Parry cadres, garrison officers and soldiers and the masses to participate in production of planting, weeding, fertilizing, irrigation methods to impart to the Tibetans, until harvest.
the party and the government takes good care more muster the Tibetans are motivated, they launched a patriotic increase red flag contest from sowing onwards. In the main plot, transported fertilizer red flag the race a few days on the plot, transport fertilizer more than 300 tons, an average of more than 500 kg per gram. More than 60-year-old side Baji Bu, get up before dawn fertilizer touched shipped. Armagh Pub SHG his team the night light digging manure mud. They each testing ground and treat them as treasures, done by intensive cultivation. From village to village, the group has a person turns to guard and manage.

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