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2023-1-11 Wednesday

  • 2008-1-11 First to climb Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary died at the age of 88 years
  • 1999-1-11 Accept activity in human cells and bovine collagen synthesis skin transplant patients
  • 1991-1-11 For the first time in Mexico?? Closure of the Central American Summit
  • 1983-1-11 Premier Zhao Ziyang visit to Tanzania
  • 1966-1-11 Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India
  • 1962-1-11 Kennedy advocated further military expansion
  • 1962-1-11 The Communist China convene "七千人大会, to correct the errors of the" Great Leap Forward "
  • 1947-1-11 Central Military Commission, indicating a large number of northeast troops and destroy the enemy
  • 1943-1-11 China and the United States signed the Sino-British New Testament abolition of extraterritoriality in China
  • 1942-1-11 Japanese troops began the occupation of the Dutch East India
  • 1928-1-11 British novelist Thomas Hardy's death
  • 1926-1-11 Chang Tso-announced three northeastern provinces independent
  • 1917-1-11 Fushun coal mine gas explosion in China, more than 900 miners were killed
  • 1885-1-11 Uchiyama Kanzo the birth of the Sino-Japanese friendship and one of the pioneers
  • 1757-1-11 The American economists Hamilton the birth
  • 1982-1-11 Deng Xiaoping first proposed the concept of "one country, two systems"
Event occurred in the history on January-11

Event occurred in the history on January-11

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