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2024-1-15 Monday

  • 2010-1-15 Longest annular eclipse of the century's first millennium
  • 1986-1-15 The establishment of the People's Liberation Army National Defense University
  • 1977-1-15 The opening of the Hong Kong Ocean Park, was the largest marine theme park in the Far East
  • 1975-1-15 Government of Angola and Portugal signed an independent right to Alvor Agreement
  • 1959-1-15 To beautiful sacrifice for the rescue of state property, at the age of 26 years old
  • 1929-1-15 U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther King's Birthday
  • 1918-1-15 Chen Duxiu said: Only Mr. Germany, Mr. Race can save China.
  • 1918-1-15 The Chinese Custodian of war: Cen Chunxuan Federation established in Guangzhou in the south-western provinces
  • 1918-1-15 Former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser's birthday
  • 1896-1-15 Modern Chinese writer Republican was born
  • 1850-1-15 The first woman Academy of Sciences, Sofia Kewaliefu Kaya's birthday
  • 1850-1-15 Russian woman mathematician Sophie Kewaliefu, Kaya was born
  • 1809-1-15 French philosopher Proudhon born,
  • 1622-1-15 French writer Moliere's birthday
  • 1925-1-15 The Guangdong revolutionary government sent troops to conquest Chen Chiung-ming
  • 1895-1-15 The Finnish biochemist Vail Tanane was born
Event occurred in the history on January-15

Event occurred in the history on January-15

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