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2023-1-17 Tuesday

  • 1991-1-17 The outbreak of the Gulf War
  • 1991-1-17 The beginning of "Operation Desert Storm"
  • 1975-1-17 The national fourth National People's Congress meeting
  • 1974-1-17 The People's Liberation Army made the Xisha the victory of the war of self-defense
  • 1966-1-17 Chinese-made F-7 aircraft a successful maiden flight
  • 1945-1-17 World War II, Soviet troops captured Warsaw
  • 1945-1-17 Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, missing and triggered the Wallenberg case
  • 1939-1-17 Chinese language text scientist Mr. Qian Xuantong's death
  • 1931-1-17 Leftist Association five writers arrested
  • 1920-1-17 Chinese ethicists, educators Yang Changji's death
  • 1912-1-17 Scott, a month later than Amundsen to reach the South Pole
  • 1933-1-17 Chinese Communist Party issued a declaration: stop the civil war agreed anti-Japanese
  • 1987-1-17 Fang Lizhi, Wang Ruowang, Liu Binyan has been expelled from the party
  • 1995-1-17 Japan's Kobe earthquake
  • 1927-1-17 The founder of the Girl Scouts of America Love died in Savannah
  • 0395-1-17 The Roman Empire was divided into Eastern and Western Roman Empire
Event occurred in the history on January-17

Event occurred in the history on January-17

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