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2024-1-23 Tuesday

  • 2007-1-23 The border wall between the Gaza Strip and Egypt was masked militants blasted
  • 2004-1-23 China announced the first confirmed highly pathogenic avian flu
  • 1996-1-23 Jiang Zemin to the rank of general winner Investiture
  • 1977-1-23 The opera "洪湖赤卫队" re-premiere
  • 1947-1-23 Prices in the Kuomintang areas up two to three times a day
  • 1942-1-23 Death of writer Xiao Hong
  • 1923-1-23 China's first private radio station begins broadcasting
  • 1828-1-23 Japan Saigo Takamori was born
  • 0754-1-23 Jianzhen arrived in Japan
  • 1862-1-23 Famous German mathematician David Hilbert was born
  • 1976-1-23 African-American singer Paul Robeson died
  • 1957-1-23 First drunken breath analyzer for the first time in the world to put into use in Sweden
  • 1783-1-23 Stendhal's birthday, the author of "The Red and the Black"
  • 1943-1-23 British Eighth Army captured Tripoli
  • 1997-1-23 South Korea's second largest steel company, Hanbo Iron and Steel Company bankruptcy
  • 1891-1-23 The Gramsci's birthday of the founder of the Italian Communist Party
Event occurred in the history on January-23

Event occurred in the history on January-23

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