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2023-1-31 Tuesday

  • 1919-1-31 Jackie Robinson, the first black player in MLB history was born
  • 1917-1-31 Germany announced unrestricted submarine warfare
  • 1955-1-31 Mau Mau movement in Kenya against British colonialism climax
  • 1906-1-31 Feminists hesitate to get the right to participate in politics through violence
  • 1933-1-31 The death of British writer Galsworthy
  • 1797-1-31 Famous Austrian musician Schubert's birthday
  • 1949-1-31 The end of the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign, the peaceful liberation of Peking
  • 1530-1-31 Kyushu of Japan's Warring States era of the Warring States Period daimyo Otomo Sorin was born
  • 1881-1-31 American physical chemist Langmuir born
  • 1995-1-31 North-West Europe flooding
  • 1976-1-31 The death of Chinese literary theorist, a modern writer, literary translator Feng Xuefeng
  • 1957-1-31 French military action in Algiers
  • 1900-1-31 The Queensberry's death develop boxing rules
  • 1965-1-31 Epigrapher turbinates scientist Wang-hsiang's death
  • 1954-1-31 Tito refused to adopt the centralized government of the Soviet Union
  • 1543-1-31 The Japanese Edo shogunate any Zheng Yi, General Tokugawa Ieyasu born
Event occurred in the history on January-31

Event occurred in the history on January-31

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