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2023-2-8 Wednesday

  • 1966-2-8 Italian experts to try to save the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the continuous tilt
  • 2001-2-8 Office of the Premier of the State Council Council on the Qinghai-Tibet railway construction program
  • 1990-2-8 Death of Jiu San Society Honorary Chairman Xu Deheng
  • 1946-2-8 Massive attack of the Kuomintang army in the northeast
  • 1946-2-8 Kim Il Sung was elected chairman of the Korean Provisional People's Committee
  • 1837-2-8 Russian poet Pushkin's death
  • 1902-2-8 Liang Qichao founder of "Xin Min Cong Bao"
  • 1926-2-8 American archaeological expedition after Mayan pyramid found in Mexico
  • 1725-2-8 Death of Russian Tsar Peter the Great (Peter I)
  • 0701-2-8 Romantic poet of the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai's birthday
  • 0994-2-8 Wang Xiaobo, the Northern Song Dynasty peasant uprising leader, killed in Gangwon
  • 1904-2-8 The outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War
  • 1828-2-8 Famous French science fiction novelist Jules Verne's birthday
  • 1988-2-8 The death of our famous economist Xu Dixin
  • 1700-2-8 The famous Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli born mechanics
Event occurred in the history on February-8

Event occurred in the history on February-8

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