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2023-2-14 Tuesday

  • 1963-2-14 Completion of the National Art Museum of China
  • 1400-2-14 England's King Richard II's death
  • 1949-2-14 Li Tsung-jen sent peace missions to negotiate with the Chinese Communists
  • 1718-2-14 China's Ming Dynasty dramatist Kong Shangren's death
  • 2003-2-14 The cloning of Dolly the sheep euthanized
  • 1946-2-14 The world's first computer was born
  • 1878-2-14 Aggression against prisoners of war, the Japanese diplomat wide Koki born
  • 1962-2-14 Hu Tsung-nan passed away, the high-ranking officers of the National Revolutionary Army
  • 1989-2-14 Khomeini announced the sentenced British author Salman Rushdie to death
  • 2005-2-14 Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed in a car bombing in the capital, Beirut
  • 1869-2-14 British physicist Charles Wilson was born
  • 1956-2-14 Influence of the 20th Congress of Communist Party of Soviet Union Khrushchev for the anti-Stalinist secret report on
  • 1983-2-14 India Assam massacre
  • 1950-2-14 "Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance, signed at Moscow
  • 1779-2-14 British navigator James Cook's death
  • 1912-2-14 People's musician Nie Er's birthday
Event occurred in the history on February-14

Event occurred in the history on February-14

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