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2024-2-15 Thurday

  • 2004-2-15 Zhongbai department store, Jilin City, Jilin Province, catastrophic fire
  • 1974-2-15 The Soviet expulsion writer Solzhenitsyn
  • 1923-2-15 Shi Yang, a prominent lawyer in Wuchang heroic martyrdom
  • 1904-2-15 The establishment of the anti-Qing Hua Xing Hui
  • 1898-2-15 American warships sent to Cuba protecting the overseas "Maine" exploded in Havana harbor
  • 1564-2-15 The modern European Natural Science founder of Galileo's birthday
  • 1781-2-15 The German playwright goth Holder Evry Lyme Lessing's death
  • 1982-2-15 Approved by the State Council, China National Offshore Oil Corporation was founded in Beijing
  • 1982-2-15 Announced the first batch of historical and cultural city in China
  • 1857-2-15 The Russian musician Glinka's death
  • 1952-2-15 George VI was buried
  • 2006-2-15 ROC presidential advisor, the death of former Premier Sun Yun-hsuan
  • 1930-2-15 The death of Italian the bourgeoisie military theorist Giulio Douhet
  • 1710-2-15 King Louis XV of France was born
  • 1995-2-15 Chinese mainland population reached 1.2 billion (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao)
  • 1957-2-15 Gromyko became Minister of Foreign Affairs
Event occurred in the history on February-15

Event occurred in the history on February-15

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