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2023-2-18 Saturday

  • 2004-2-18 The death of the founder of China's nuclear agronomy Xu Guanren
  • 2004-2-18 Iran an air-fuel and chemicals train explosion
  • 1901-2-18 The first decade of this century, immigrants poured into the United States
  • 1898-2-18 World famous car brand Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari was born
  • 1564-2-18 Italian artist Michelangelo's death
  • 1265-2-18 Xu Liewu the death of Iraqi children Khanate creator
  • 1838-2-18 Austrian physicist named by Mach speed quantifier "Mach" was born
  • 1294-2-18 Kublai Khan's death
  • 1530-2-18 Japan's Warring States Army of God, Echigo daimyo Uesugi Kenshin was born
  • 1957-2-18 American astronomer, modern astrophysics, one of the founders of Russell's death
  • 1938-2-18 Sino-Japanese Wuhan air war, the sacrifice of the five martyrs
  • 1938-2-18 Eighth Route Army the sabotage Tongpu, is too Railway
  • 1405-2-18 The Timurid Empire monarch Timur's death
  • 2003-2-18 Korea Daegu City subway catastrophic fire
  • 1919-2-18 Hu Shi's "Outline of the History of Chinese Philosophy" published in volumes
  • 1745-2-18 Physicist, battery inventor volts was born
Event occurred in the history on February-18

Event occurred in the history on February-18

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