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2024-2-27 Tuesday

  • 1936-2-27 Shake hands of the Red Army and the Northwest Army
  • 1936-2-27 The death of the famous Soviet physiologist Ivan Pavlov
  • 1933-2-27 Hitler "Congressional arson"
  • 1903-2-27 Outstanding leader of the People's Liberation Army, Chen Geng's birthday
  • 1892-2-27 French fashion designer Louis Vuitton's death
  • 1995-2-27 The collapse of Barings Bank, UK
  • 1957-2-27 Mao Zedong's talk about how to properly handle contradictions among the people
  • 1962-2-27 The first Americans into space orbit
  • 1932-2-27 Famous film actress Elizabeth Taylor's Birthday
  • 2008-2-27 The second plenary meeting of the 17th session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China closed in Beijing
  • 2008-2-27 High priest of the Greek Olympic Committee to determine the flame lighting ceremony of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games
  • 1921-2-27 Zhou Enlai, Li Fuchun, Chinese Youth Communist Party was established in Paris
  • 1902-2-27 American novelist John Steinbeck's birthday
  • 1986-2-27 Corazon Aquino became president of the Philippines
  • 1910-2-27 United League members Xiong martyrdom
  • 1975-2-27 The the famous dramatist focus Juyin persecuted to death by the Gang of Four
Event occurred in the history on February-27

Event occurred in the history on February-27

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