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2024-3-4 Monday

  • 1678-3-4 Classical concerto form established by Vivaldi was born
  • 0581-3-4 Emperor Wen Yang Jian replace the Northern Zhou Jidi Wei
  • 1974-3-4 Heath resignation of Harold Wilson once again become the British Prime Minister
  • 1944-3-4 U.S. aircraft bombing of Berlin for the first time
  • 1933-3-4 Franklin Roosevelt became President of the United States
  • 1933-3-4 Japanese army captured Gubeikou
  • 1933-3-4 Japanese invasion of Chengde
  • 1998-3-4 Vajpayee was elected new Prime Minister of India
  • 1919-3-4 Lenin composed the Third Communist International
  • 1946-3-4 Ye Ting released
  • 2000-3-4 Chinese physicist Wu Ta-you passed away, known as the Father of Chinese Physics
  • 1193-3-4 Of Egypt Ayyubid dynasty founding monarch Saladin's death
  • 1989-3-4 Deng Xiaoping pointed out: the four modernizations engage in reform and opening up key is stable
  • 1951-3-4 The opening of the first Asian Games
  • 2005-3-4 In Beijing, Hu Jintao put forward four points in the development of cross-strait relations under the new situation
  • 1986-3-4 Famous female writer Ding Ling's death
Event occurred in the history on Marcy-4

Event occurred in the history on Marcy-4

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