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2023-3-5 Sunday

  • 1898-3-5 China's one of the outstanding leaders of the birth of Zhou Enlai
  • 1925-3-5 Gao Junyu the death of one of the early leaders of the party
  • 1963-3-5 Mao Zedong wrote the inscription "learn from Comrade Lei Feng"
  • 1952-3-5 Soviet composer Prokofiev's death
  • 1952-3-5 Mao Zedong established the principles of the illegal businesses
  • 1990-3-5 SUN Jing Xiu's death, the famous children's educator
  • 1827-3-5 French astronomer, mathematician, physicist Laplace's death
  • 1827-3-5 The death of an Italian physicist, battery inventor volts
  • 1998-3-5 U.S. scientists announced that water depths in the surface of the moon craters found
  • 1979-3-5 I participated in self-defense war against Vietnam border guards were ordered to withdraw in China
  • 1892-3-5 Chinese modern educator Heqin birth
  • 1949-3-5 Seventh CPC Plenary held in Xibaipo
  • 1965-3-5 KMT elder Chen Cheng died
  • 1897-3-5 Madame Chiang Kai-shek Kai-shek was born
  • 1946-3-5 Churchill published his famous "Iron Curtain speech" marks the beginning of the Cold War
  • 1927-3-5 Mao Zedong's "Investigation Report on the Peasant Movement in Hunan" published
Event occurred in the history on Marcy-5

Event occurred in the history on Marcy-5

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