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2023-3-29 Wednesday

  • 1966-3-29 Brezhnev became the supreme leader of the Soviet Union
  • 1987-3-29 The death of China's film critic Zhong Dian Fei
  • 1987-3-29 "Platoon" won the 59th Academy Award for Best Picture awards
  • 1919-3-29 U.S. scientists predict that rocket the moon travel will become possible
  • 1973-3-29 Finally, an American prisoner of war Vietnam war, North Vietnam release
  • 1924-3-29 Lu Xun published the short story "blessing"
  • 1924-3-29 Great Wall Film Company's first film "Deserted Wife" released
  • 1970-3-29 The death of female American journalist Anna Louise Strong
  • 1978-3-29 Carter decided to provide assistance to farmers
  • 1826-3-29 The birth of the German Social Democratic Party, one of the founders of Liebknecht
  • 1853-3-29 The Taiping capital in Nanjing
  • 1926-3-29 Western Hills faction unauthorized held the KMT "two large"
  • 0682-3-29 The famous Tang YaoWang Sun Ssu died
Event occurred in the history on Marcy-29

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