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2023-4-7 Friday

  • 1898-4-7 China's publishing house, NLD the Leaguers Zhang Lu born
  • 1906-4-7 Mount Vesuvius erupted
  • 1506-4-7 Spanish missionaries, the founder of the Jesuit Francis Xavier was born
  • 1990-4-7 Danish ferry caught fire and exploded
  • 1990-4-7 China successfully launched the "Asia One" satellite
  • 1770-4-7 Wordsworth, English poet, was born
  • 1976-4-7 Deng Xiaoping was dismissed, Hua Guofeng Central First Vice-President, the Prime Minister
  • 1976-4-7 The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee by Mao Zedong proposed revocation of all his posts in the Deng Xiaoping both inside and outside the party
  • 1889-4-7 Chilean poetess Gabriela Mistral was born
  • 1984-4-7 The Weihai building China's first health city
  • 1984-4-7 China's auto industry is booming
  • 1938-4-7 The Taierzhuang Battle of victory in the end
  • 1992-4-7 EC admitted Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of independent
  • 1954-4-7 Famous film star Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong
  • 1772-4-7 French utopian socialist Fourier's Birthday
  • 1924-4-7 Mussolini supported in civic elections
Event occurred in the history on April-7

Event occurred in the history on April-7

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