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2024-4-11 Thurday

  • 0999-4-11 Northern Song officials Bao Zheng was born
  • 1879-4-11 Modern Chinese calligrapher Yu You-jen was born
  • 1982-4-11 British film "Gandhi" won the Oscar for best film awards
  • 1949-4-11 Chinese Communist Youth League, the first time the National People's Congress held
  • 1984-4-11 Urban agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets
  • 1927-4-11 Shanghai Municipal Federation of Trade Unions President Wang Shouhua victim
  • 1992-4-11 Los Angeles race riots
  • 1935-4-11 The United States suffer from dust storms attacks
  • 1905-4-11 Imperial University organized the first Games
  • 1989-4-11 Japanese Prime Minister Takeshita board resign
  • 1986-4-11 French writer Simone Deborah Preval's death
  • 1986-4-11 October baby in her father's chin standing on one leg
  • 1994-4-11 Shen Tai Fook, president of the Great Wall Electrical Technology Industry Company was executed
  • 1983-4-11 The human microcirculation repair's theory is recognized as
  • 1991-4-11 UN Security Council announced that the Gulf to achieve a formal ceasefire
  • 1991-4-11 The formal establishment of the Beijing 2000 Olympic Games Bid Committee
Event occurred in the history on April-11

Event occurred in the history on April-11

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