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2023-4-13 Thurday

  • 1944-4-13 Soviet Union to regain the Kerch Peninsula
  • 1990-4-13 Soviet admit Poland Katyn by the Soviet Union
  • 1998-4-13 The design of the National Theatre for international bidding
  • 1998-4-13 Tyson brokers said Tyson will re-apply for a boxing license
  • 1998-4-13 The death of the Chinese women's movement pioneer handsome Mengqi
  • 1987-4-13 China and Portugal signed the "Joint Declaration on the question of Macau
  • 1949-4-13 The KMT and the CPC domestic peace agreement negotiations
  • 1995-4-13 The death of master photographer Lang Ching-shan
  • 1976-4-13 Minister of Education Zhou Rongxin by the "Gang of Four" framed persecution died in Beijing
  • 1997-4-13 African-American athletes record the lowest score of the golf tournament
  • 2005-4-13 59th Session of the UN General Assembly adopted the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism "
  • 1964-4-13 Poitiers won the Academy Award
  • 1945-4-13 Soviet Red Army regained Vienna
  • 1695-4-13 French poet Jean de la Fontaine's death
  • 1904-4-13 Russian admiral in naval warfare was buried Health
  • 1988-4-13 "Prince of Gymnastics" Li Ning announced his retirement
Event occurred in the history on April-13

Event occurred in the history on April-13

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