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2023-6-3 Saturday

  • 2006-6-3 Formal declaration of independence of the Republic of Montenegro
  • 2000-6-3 Outstanding social activist Ann died in Hong Kong
  • 1965-6-3 American White created spacewalk time record
  • 1946-6-3 The traitor Gongbo is executions
  • 1941-6-3 Jizhong People's Army commenced tunnel warfare and mine warfare
  • 1935-6-3 Luxury liner Normandy created across the Atlantic speed record
  • 1924-6-3 Novelist Franz Kafka's death
  • 1919-6-3 The Chinese working class for the first time large-scale political strike
  • 0979-6-3 Song Taizong off the North Han, the end of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms split situation
  • 1989-6-3 Iran's religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini died
  • 1937-6-3 Duke of Windsor married
  • 1899-6-3 Austrian musician Johann Strauss's death
  • 1953-6-3 The establishment of the Buddhist Association of China
  • 1839-6-3 Lin Zexu public destruction of opium in Humen
  • 1657-6-3 The death of the founders of the modern physiological science Harvey
  • 0907-6-3 Zhu Wen usurped Tang, Tang dynasty, after Liang Jianli, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era began
Event occurred in the history on June-3

Event occurred in the history on June-3

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