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2023-6-5 Monday

  • 2011-6-5 The world's first cases of AIDS cure patients miracle rebirth
  • 2009-6-5 CCTV "News Network" anchor Luo Jing died
  • 2003-6-5 New York Times executive editor and editor-in-chief since the resignation of the fake news scandal
  • 1997-6-5 Australian scientists have invented a miniature diagnostic
  • 1968-6-5 The first time in the history of the United States presidential candidate was assassinated during the campaign
  • 1941-6-5 The Chongqing air tunnel suffocation tragedy
  • 1932-6-5 Make deployment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the fourth anti-siege
  • 1883-6-5 British economist John Maynard Keynes's Birthday
  • 1723-6-5 British economist Adam Smith's birthday
  • 1265-6-5 The birth of the famous Italian poet Dante
  • 1921-6-5 The female pilots Brom Vail dead in plane crash
  • 1967-6-5 The outbreak of the Third Middle East War
  • 1910-6-5 Short story master O. Henry's death
  • 1994-6-5 The Ye Qiaobo farewell Ice altar
  • 1975-6-5 Off eight years after the Suez Canal re-opening
  • 1972-6-5 World Environment Day
Event occurred in the history on June-5

Event occurred in the history on June-5

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