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2024-6-26 Wednesday

  • 2010-6-26 Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Toronto
  • 1983-6-26 Deng Xiaoping first raised the great concept of "one country, two systems"
  • 1979-6-26 Muhammad Ali announced his retirement
  • 1975-6-26 Indian opposition allegations of Indira Gandhi in the election fraud
  • 1949-6-26 CPC delegation headed by Liu Shaoqi began a visit to the Soviet Union
  • 1947-6-26 The Chinese astronomers high Lu's death
  • 1946-6-26 Shan-Ben flew uprising
  • 1946-6-26 The beginning of the War of Liberation
  • 1946-6-26 U.S. military aid to China Act "by
  • 1945-6-26 The Soviet Union under Stalin was the title of Hero of the Soviet Union
  • 1931-6-26 Northeast occurred in the village of events
  • 1930-6-26 Egypt outbreak of the June uprising against the British
  • 1923-6-26 Forbidden City, a fire broke out
  • 1900-6-26 Southern provincial governors southeast of mutual insurance agreement reached with the Anglo-American
  • 1892-6-26 American woman writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, Pearl S. Buck was born
  • 1836-6-26 Rouge de Lear's death, the French national anthem "La Marseillaise"
Event occurred in the history on June-26

Event occurred in the history on June-26

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