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2024-7-14 Sunday

  • 2010-7-14 Boeing show "Open Your Eyes" hydrogen-powered unmanned reconnaissance aircraft
  • 2008-7-14 A large number of Korean Dokdo waved the flag protest
  • 2008-7-14 Hong Kong International Airport, eight seven "Best Airport Worldwide"
  • 2008-7-14 Comrade Wu Wenbin earthquake relief heroic warrior honorary title
  • 2007-7-14 North Korea shut down its Yongbyon nuclear facilities, the situation on the peninsula to turn for the better
  • 2002-7-14 Wang Jungang get the fifth title of "loyal guards of the Chinese People's Armed Police Ten"
  • 1997-7-14 Narayanan was elected the new president of India
  • 1988-7-14 East German skating star Witte bid farewell to Olympics
  • 1987-7-14 Taiwan announced the lifting of martial law
  • 1986-7-14 The plant taxonomists Shude Chun died
  • 1976-7-14 Tanzania-Zambia railway
  • 1972-7-14 Inflation replace the energy crisis concern
  • 1965-7-14 Wang Jie sacrifice
  • 1964-7-14 Our literary and art circles, "Critique of the rapid expansion of the wave
  • 1964-7-14 Hong Kong film star Lin Dai suicide
  • 1960-7-14 Japanese Prime Minister Kishi's assassination
Event occurred in the history on July-14

Event occurred in the history on July-14

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