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2024-7-19 Friday

  • 2010-7-19 Central Military Commission was promoted 11 Admiral Hu Jintao issued a command like
  • 2007-7-19 Pakistan bombing attacks
  • 1996-7-19 U.S. scientists said that may exist on the moons of Jupiter marine
  • 1996-7-19 26th Olympic Games opened in Atlanta, USA
  • 1983-7-19 French painter and sculptor Edgar Degas was born
  • 1980-7-19 Highly boycott the Olympics opening of the twenty-second
  • 1975-7-19 The United States and the Soviet Union astronauts in space to meet
  • 1973-7-19 Feng Baiju, the Guangdong Qiongya armed uprising, one of the leaders, died in Beijing
  • 1973-7-19 Liaoning Daily "reported of Zhang Tiesheng" quiz event
  • 1972-7-19 Franco handed over power to Prince Juan Carlos
  • 1968-7-19 One of the founders of China's modern pathology Valley Mirror? F's death
  • 1965-7-19 South Korean President Syngman Rhee's death
  • 1965-7-19 China established diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  • 1962-7-19 Strong Japanese girls struggle with illness wood rattan Asia also born
  • 1958-7-19 Famous comedy actor Zhao Benshan birth
  • 1958-7-19 The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia
Event occurred in the history on July-19

Event occurred in the history on July-19

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