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2024-7-24 Wednesday

  • 2003-7-24 ASEM Economic Ministers' Meeting in Dalian held a grand opening ceremony
  • 2002-7-24 Liu Xiaoqing was arrested according to law on suspicion of tax evasion and crime
  • 1996-7-24 The Australian astronomers estimated the age of the universe 11 billion years
  • 1995-7-24 The death of World War II, the famous master photographer George Rodger
  • 1987-7-24 Deng Xiaoping met with the scientists to make a significant contribution to the four modernizations
  • 1985-7-24 First Mau of a drifting Yangtze Yao the book ran aground killed
  • 1980-7-24 CPC Central Committee opened in Zhongnanhai technology seminars
  • 1978-7-24 Disco began sweeping the world
  • 1975-7-24 Wang Zhuquan died, one of the founders of China's coal geology
  • 1959-7-24 Khrushchev and Nixon to expand the kitchen debate
  • 1953-7-24 French paratroopers surrounded Lang Son
  • 1945-7-24 U.S. fast carrier force large-scale attack Japanese ship of Japan Kure waters
  • 1943-7-24 British Air Force began to implement the "Sin City" program
  • 1938-7-24 Battle of Wuhan opened
  • 1934-7-24 Austrian mathematician Hans Hahn's death
  • 1920-7-24 French troops to Syria under the control of the League of Nations
Event occurred in the history on July-24

Event occurred in the history on July-24

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