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2024-7-25 Thurday

  • 1999-7-25 Russian Prime Minister Sijie Pa Shen's visit to the United States to improve relations between Russia and the United States
  • 1996-7-25 China for the first time to participate in the ASEAN meeting
  • 1996-7-25 A military coup in Burundi
  • 1995-7-25 Paris subway bombings
  • 1992-7-25 The opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games
  • 1991-7-25 Five monuments listed as World Heritage
  • 1984-7-25 China's first joint-stock enterprise established
  • 1983-7-25 The death of forestry is one of the pioneers of modern Chinese Zheng Wanjun
  • 1978-7-25 The world's first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, was born in the United Kingdom
  • 1961-7-25 The Soviet Union and the United States to expand defense plan
  • 1953-7-25 Chengdu-Chongqing railway delivery operators
  • 1946-7-25 The United States implemented the first underwater nuclear explosions bikini debut
  • 1946-7-25 Death of people's educator Tao
  • 1934-7-25 Austrian Nazis assassinate Prime Minister Tao Erfei Si
  • 1919-7-25 Soviet Russia published the first China Declaration
  • 1909-7-25 The aircraft successfully flew for the first time the English Channel
Event occurred in the history on July-25

Event occurred in the history on July-25

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