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2023-8-4 Friday

  • 2010-8-4 Russia's MiG aircraft manufacturing company was forced to temporarily shut down due to fire
  • 2008-8-4 Kashi serious cases of violence, assaulting a police officer
  • 2006-8-4 Japanese religious groups asked Koizumi to stop visiting the Yasukuni Shrine
  • 1997-8-4 Has permit most longevity by Yana calment, passed away
  • 1996-8-4 26th Olympic Games came to an end
  • 1966-8-4 Cao Rulin died
  • 1961-8-4 Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was born
  • 1949-8-4 Cheng Qian, Ming-Jen Chen led his troops in the uprising.
  • 1942-8-4 Chinese Expeditionary Army to withdraw from Myanmar
  • 1935-8-4 The CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting held in gross child cover
  • 1931-8-4 Yangtze outbreak of the devastating floods drowned fourteen thousand people
  • 1913-8-4 Xiongke Wu declared its independence in Chongqing
  • 1913-8-4 Sun Yat-sen and many other revolutionaries fled to Japan
  • 1912-8-4 U.S. Marines moved into Nicaragua
  • 1901-8-4 American jazz musician Louis Armstrong's death
  • 1875-8-4 Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen's death
Event occurred in the history on August-4

Event occurred in the history on August-4

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