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2024-8-20 Tuesday

  • 2008-8-20 The proletarian revolutionaries Hua Guofeng's death at the age of 87 years old
  • 2008-8-20 Madrid airport plane crash killed 153 people three days of the Spanish State Mourning
  • 2002-8-20 China formally established a centralized National Accreditation System
  • 1997-8-20 "Long March III B" carrier rocket successfully launched
  • 1988-8-20 Iran-Iraq officially achieve full ceasefire
  • 1968-8-20 The death of the Russian American astronomer and physicist George Gamow
  • 1968-8-20 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia
  • 1958-8-20 The advent of the first bag of instant noodles, chicken noodle soup
  • 1950-8-20 In rural areas began to divide the class composition
  • 1948-8-20 Chiang Ching-kuo in Shanghai, "the Tiger"
  • 1946-8-20 Northwest Field from defensive to offensive
  • 1945-8-20 CPC Central Committee decided to set up the Shanxi Military
  • 1942-8-20 Visible amount of plutonium in the Metallurgical Laboratory at the University of Chicago for the first time separated
  • 1940-8-20 Eighth Route Army launched the "Hundred Regiments"
  • 1939-8-20 The Soviet counter-offensive in Nomonhan front under the command of Zhukov
  • 1915-8-20 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, the death of the German bacteriologist Ehrlich
Event occurred in the history on August-20

Event occurred in the history on August-20

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