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2024-8-25 Sunday

  • 2010-8-25 The National Development and Reform Commission issued "to promote the rise of central planning to implement the views"
  • 2005-8-25 "Hurricane Katrina hit the United States
  • 1984-8-25 One containing the uranium cargo ship sank in the Belgian seaside
  • 1983-8-25 The CPC Central Committee issued the decision to "crack down on criminal
  • 1981-8-25 People's Liberation Army generals Fu Qiutao died
  • 1967-8-25 American Nazi Party leader was killed
  • 1951-8-25 KMT elder Chen Guofu died
  • 1937-8-25 Change the Red Army of the CPC Central Committee for the Eighth Route Army
  • 1936-8-25 Chinese Communist Party sent a letter to the KMT advocated the second cooperation
  • 1928-8-25 Red Army generals Seoul cut the expense of
  • 1927-8-25 National Government capital in Nanjing
  • 1920-8-25 Soupault Warsaw Battle ended
  • 1918-8-25 American conductor Leone Leonard Bernstein was born
  • 1912-8-25 Chinese aviator Feng Ru plane crash killed
  • 1912-8-25 Chinese Nationalist Party was proclaimed
  • 1908-8-25 The death of Henri Becquerel, French physicist and discoverer of natural radioactivity
Event occurred in the history on August-25

Event occurred in the history on August-25

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