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2024-8-30 Friday

  • 2008-8-30 The sea global financial center opened
  • 2007-8-30 The introduction of anti-monopoly law, prohibits various forms of monopolistic behavior
  • 2000-8-30 The Millennium Conference of Presiding Officers of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in the opening of the United Nations Headquarters in New York
  • 1999-8-30 Carrefour merger Puluo Mo Brandeis second largest retail group in the world
  • 1997-8-30 Forest fires in Indonesia
  • 1991-8-30 China began a comprehensive clean-up "triangular debts"
  • 1989-8-30 Zhenliang was elected Vice-Chairman of the International Olympic Committee
  • 1981-8-30 Iranian President Rajai was killed
  • 1980-8-30 NPC fifth three meetings held to amend the constitution to abolish the "big four"
  • 1962-8-30 Return to the motherland of the Taiping leaders FURTHER sword
  • 1958-8-30 China's first atomic reactor cyclotron began operation
  • 1945-8-30 China's preliminary statistics casualties in the war
  • 1942-8-30 The outbreak of the Battle of North Africa Alam Halfa
  • 1940-8-30 Physicist JJ Thomson's death in Cambridge, England
  • 1939-8-30 Japanese forces in the Battle of Nomonhan fiasco
  • 1929-8-30 The leaders of the peasant movement Peng Pai murdered
Event occurred in the history on August-30

Event occurred in the history on August-30

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