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2023-9-17 Sunday

  • 2011-9-17 Japanese space cargo ship docked with the International Space Station
  • 1997-9-17 A total ban on anti-personnel landmines signed the Convention, the United States refused to sign
  • 1991-9-17 White Deer Hollow Academy was first discovered in the Qing Dynasty papers
  • 1988-9-17 24th Seoul Olympic Games opening
  • 1980-9-17 Polish workers to discuss preparation of full-wave independent of Autonomous Trade Unions
  • 1945-9-17 Yu Dafu was killed by the Japanese military police
  • 1931-9-17 The death of political activist Yang degrees
  • 1926-9-17 Feng Yuxiang Wuyuan Rally
  • 1916-9-17 Richthofen, the German pilot to shoot down enemy aircraft over France for the first time
  • 1908-9-17 The first plane crash deaths
  • 1894-9-17 Qing Dynasty Beiyang Navy generals Lin Yongsheng's death
  • 1894-9-17 Sino-Japanese naval battle Deng Shichang he died
  • 1862-9-17 Battle outbreak of the American Civil War in the Antiyetan
  • 1826-9-17 German mathematician Riemann was born
  • 1764-9-17 British-Netherlands-born astronomer John Goode Lick birth
  • 1968-9-17 Hong Kong artist Weng was born
Event occurred in the history on September-17

Event occurred in the history on September-17

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