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2023-10-19 Thurday

  • 2010-10-19 The International Manufacturing Innovation Festival First Cailun Award "
  • 2007-10-19 The Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process will be held in the United States difficult restart
  • 2007-10-19 Interaction of many factors in international oil prices continued to be high and volatile
  • 2007-10-19 ASEAN accelerate the integration process of the signing of the ASEAN Charter
  • 2007-10-19 Global climate change worldwide concern "Bali roadmap" tough introduction
  • 2007-10-19 Somewhat defuse the constitutional crisis of the EU through the Lisbon Treaty
  • 1978-10-19 Karpov defeated Ke Qienuo according reelection of world chess champion
  • 1956-10-19 The Polish politicians Gomulka comeback
  • 1950-10-19 Korean War, the Chinese People's Volunteers crossed the Yalu River to North Korea to front
  • 1936-10-19 Lu Xun died in Shanghai
  • 1935-10-19 The CPC Central Committee and the Red Army reached northern Shaanxi
  • 1932-10-19 The Youjiang base-founder of Wei Baqun be stab in the back
  • 1908-10-19 Japanese government banned minpo "
  • 2001-10-19 Jiang Zemin and Bush met for the first time
  • 1998-10-19 The man's first walk through the world's largest canyon
  • 1998-10-19 Microsoft against the U.S. government
Event occurred in the history on October-19

Event occurred in the history on October-19

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