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2023-1-8 Sunday

  • 2011-1-8 South China Sea, found a large area of ​​"combustible ice" reserves of about 19.4 billion cubic meters
  • 2010-1-8 Costa Rica elected the first female president in the history of
  • 1996-1-8 French President Francois Mitterrand's death
  • 1975-1-8 The opening of the Chinese Communist Party Tenth Plenary election Deng Xiaoping's Politburo Standing Committee
  • 1973-1-8 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the first president took office in Bangladesh
  • 1959-1-8 Charles de Gaulle became President of the Fifth Republic of France
  • 1942-1-8 Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking's Birthday
  • 1938-1-8 Bethune rate medical teams to aid China
  • 1935-1-8 Rock superstar "Elvis" Elvis Presley was born
  • 1931-1-8 Super hero Huang Jiguang's birthday
  • 1926-1-8 Ibn Saud coup the establishment of the Saudi king
  • 1905-1-8 The world's largest diamond found in South Africa
  • 1902-1-8 Empress returned to Beijing from Xi'an
  • 1880-1-8 Self-styled "Emperor of the United States of America and Mexico regent Norton's death
  • 1037-1-8 Chinese poet Su Shi was born
  • 0881-1-8 Huang Chao scored Changan
Event occurred in the history on January-8

Event occurred in the history on January-8

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