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2023-1-13 Friday

  • 1993-1-13 The signing of the "Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons."
  • 1988-1-13 Chiang Ching-kuo's death in Taipei
  • 1978-1-13 The Yangtze source and length of re-confirmed
  • 1975-1-13 Zhou Enlai reiterated that the two-step vision of the development of the national economy
  • 1969-1-13 Scottish billiards player Stephen Hendry was born
  • 1967-1-13 The Togo Liberation Day (overthrow 格鲁尼兹基 government)
  • 1945-1-13 Jiangsu, Zhejiang Military Region was established
  • 1937-1-13 The advent of the world's first color cartoon "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
  • 1934-1-13 Chiang's troops occupied Fuzhou, the collapse of the People's Revolutionary Government, "Min change" failed
  • 1910-1-13 The world's first aircraft to take off from the deck of the ship
  • 1904-1-13 Issue ultimatum to Russia, Japan, the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War
  • 1902-1-13 Malenkov, Soviet politician, Soviet Premier birth
  • 0495-1-13 The North Emperor Xiaowen forbidden to wear the Hu Fu reform with Han Chinese clothing
  • 1982-1-13 Potomac River plane crash
  • 1906-1-13 Popov's death, a Russian physicist, the inventor of the radio
  • 1716-1-13 "Kangxi" into a book
Event occurred in the history on January-13

Event occurred in the history on January-13

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