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2024-1-16 Tuesday

  • 1993-1-16 Jiangxi Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge is completed
  • 1988-1-16 Shanghai prevalence of hepatitis A
  • 1986-1-16 Famous publishing house in modern China Hu Yuzhi died in Beijing
  • 1942-1-16 Nehru succeed Gandhi became the Congress Party leaders
  • 1934-1-16 Chiang Kai-shek occupied Fuzhou, Nineteenth defeated and drop Chiang
  • 1923-1-16 Sun Yat-sen recapture Guangzhou published the Declaration of peaceful reunification
  • 1920-1-16 Allies seeking the extradition of Kaiser Wilhelm II, was the Netherlands rejected
  • 1885-1-16 Essayist Zhou Zuoren's birthday
  • 2001-1-16 The assassination of the head of state of the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • 1982-1-16 Vatican recovery termination of 450 years of relations with the United Kingdom
  • 1906-1-16 Radio inventor Popov's death
  • 1944-1-16 U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed Allied Commander-in-Chief
  • 1979-1-16 伊朗巴列维 dynasty was overthrown
  • 2006-1-16 The newly elected president of Liberia became the first woman to be elected president in the history of Africa
  • 1987-1-16 Hu Yaobang resigned as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee positions
  • 1900-1-16 United Kingdom to give up sovereignty to Samoa
Event occurred in the history on January-16

Event occurred in the history on January-16

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