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2024-1-25 Thurday

  • 1974-1-25 South African doctors Barnard first second heart was successfully implanted in the human body
  • 1974-1-25 Death of proletarian revolutionaries Wang Jiaxiang
  • 1947-1-25 Famous Chicago gangster Capone died of stroke
  • 1928-1-25 The former Soviet Foreign Minister, the President of the Republic of Georgia, Shevardnadze's birthday
  • 1890-1-25 Nina Bligh completed one week trip around the world
  • 1662-1-25 Zheng Chenggong Jungong Netherlands Zeelandia in Taiwan
  • 1504-1-25 Italian artist Michelangelo completed David Colossus carving
  • 0920-1-25 Emperor Taizu of Liao enacted Khitan text
  • 1941-1-25 The Japanese invaders Pan Jiayu tragedy, more than 1,200 victims
  • 1949-1-25 The first session of the Emmy Awards held at the Hollywood Athletic Club
  • 1938-1-25 "Wen Wei Po", founded in Shanghai
  • 1889-1-25 KMT Lieutenant General Yang Jie born
  • 1554-1-25 The founding of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 1981-1-25 Supreme People's Court of the Lin Biao and Jiang Qing counter-revolutionary clique ruling
  • 1924-1-25 The opening of the first Olympic Winter Games
  • 1951-1-25 China Esperanto Association was founded
Event occurred in the history on January-25

Event occurred in the history on January-25

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