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2024-2-1 Thurday

  • 1984-2-1 The resumption of diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands
  • 1917-2-1 "New Youth" published the first batch of Chinese vernacular poetry - Colloquial Poem 8
  • 1909-2-1 International Opium will be held in Shanghai
  • 1764-2-1 Cao Xueqin died
  • 2001-2-1 Wang Xuan, Huang Kun by the State Supreme Science and Technology Award
  • 1925-2-1 Supported by Beijing, Guangdong Revolutionary Government of the First Crusade
  • 1952-2-1 Beijing public trial big embezzlers De-Gui Song Xue Kunshan sentenced to death
  • 1979-2-1 Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran
  • 1987-2-1 Bank of China RMB "Great Wall credit card" is the first issue in Beijing
  • 1903-2-1 Stokes, the famous British physicist, mathematician, passed away in Cambridge
  • 1930-2-1 The loss of the 8th Corps Zuojiang base
  • 1976-2-1 German physicist, the founder of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg's death
  • 1805-2-1 Early French workers' movement in outstanding leaders Blanqui's birthday
  • 2003-2-1 American "Columbia" space shuttle landed explosive disintegration
  • 1851-2-1 British author Mary Shelley's death
  • 1908-2-1 King Juan Carlos I of Portugal was assassinated
Event occurred in the history on February-1

Event occurred in the history on February-1

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