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2024-2-3 Saturday

  • 1947-2-3 Popular movie "The Cloud and the Moon"
  • 1795-2-3 Sucre's birthday, the hero of the national liberation struggle
  • 1936-2-3 Anti-Japanese Red Army vanguard army to cross the river Dongzheng
  • 1468-2-3 The death of Western Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of movable type
  • 1952-2-3 The demand of the Communist Party of China against the "three evils" combination of movement and the entire party movement
  • 2006-2-3 Egyptian passenger ferry "Salam 98 sank in the Red Sea
  • 1911-2-3 Agricultural educator and agronomist Dingzhen Lin was born
  • 1862-2-3 French physicist Jean Baptiste Biot's death
  • 1995-2-3 U.S. "Discovery" space shuttle launch
  • 0960-2-3 Emperor Zhao Kuang Yin launch Chen Qiaobing change
  • 1924-2-3 The death of Woodrow Wilson, the 25th President of the United States
  • 2000-2-3 In famous Japanese politician Nikaido into the death of
  • 1894-2-3 The United States in an important painters of the early 20th century, Norman Rockwell was born
  • 1997-2-3 The entry into force of the permanent constitution of South Africa, the end of 300 years of the apartheid regime
  • 2005-2-3 Georgian Prime Minister Zhvania died of poisoning due to natural gas leak in the apartment
  • 1899-2-3 Famous writer Lao She's Birthday
Event occurred in the history on February-3

Event occurred in the history on February-3

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