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2024-2-11 Sunday

  • 1947-2-11 Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio born
  • 1936-2-11 Chaplin's "Modern Times" was staged in London
  • 1963-2-11 The central authorities decided to carry out the "four clean" campaign in the countryside
  • 1990-2-11 South African black leader Nelson Mandela released from prison
  • 1979-2-11 Followers of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran to establish a new interim government
  • 2003-2-11 Comic dean Ma Sanli's death
  • 1965-2-11 U.S. air strikes against North Vietnam.
  • 1908-2-11 Edison invention movie projectors patent
  • 1897-2-11 The establishment of the Commercial Press in Shanghai
  • 2008-2-11 The South Korean capital, Seoul National Treasure No. Sungnyemun destroyed by fire
  • 1997-2-11 "Discovery" lifted off to repair Hubble Telescope
  • 1967-2-11 ", Gave a brief meeting" is characterized as "February Countercurrent"
  • 1948-2-11 The death of the famous Soviet film artists Eisenstein
  • 1861-2-11 Lincoln became the 16th president of the United States in Washington
  • 1975-2-11 Margaret Thatcher became the first female leader of the British Conservative Party
  • 1937-2-11 KMT-CPC cooperation negotiations in Xi'an
Event occurred in the history on February-11

Event occurred in the history on February-11

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