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2024-2-12 Monday

  • 1974-2-12 Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn detained to
  • 1890-2-12 Jitang, on behalf of the Department of Guangdong warlord was born
  • 2001-2-12 Plans to invest 131 billion yuan for the construction of the Three Gorges Project
  • 2001-2-12 The scientists published for the first time the human genome
  • 1895-2-12 Famous patriotic general the Ding Ruchang suicide martyred
  • 1922-2-12 Intended to elect a new pope named Pius XI
  • 1930-2-12 The establishment of a free Grand Alliance in China
  • 1995-2-12 Appointed by the National Sports Commission Lang Ping, the Chinese women's volleyball coach
  • 1900-2-12 Soviet military strategist Chuikov was born
  • 1905-2-12 Agricultural educators, maize genetic breeding scientist Wu Shao? Birth
  • 2000-2-12 Snoopy the "father" of Charles Schulz's death
  • 1924-2-12 The advent of the miracle of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue"
  • 1924-2-12 The archaeologists Open 3300 years ago, the ancient Egyptian pharaohs country Tute An sarcophagus of King
  • 1951-2-12 Ministry of Education to take over the Yenching University
  • 1986-2-12 Anglo-French Channel Tunnel treaty formally signed
  • 1910-2-12 The Guangzhou military uprising failed, Ni Yingdian sacrifice
Event occurred in the history on February-12

Event occurred in the history on February-12

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