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2024-2-13 Tuesday

  • 1993-2-13 Death of Sino-Japanese War and the Chinese Civil War era of the Chinese Kuomintang famous Song Xilian
  • 1928-2-13 British physician Fleming discovered penicillin
  • 1915-2-13 Burma Aung San's Birthday
  • 1955-2-13 People's Liberation Army Liberation Dachen Island, Yushan Islands, Phi Hill Island and other islands
  • 1895-2-13 Sino-Japanese war Qing government sent Li Hongzhang in Japan conferences
  • 1990-2-13 The World Health Organization announced December 1 of each year as "World AIDS Day"
  • 1998-2-13 The American astronaut successful transformation of the Hubble Space Telescope
  • 2006-2-13 The death of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Xuan
  • 1897-2-13 To our famous Guoxue home care with birth
  • 1935-2-13 Three southern guerrilla warfare
  • 1921-2-13 Zao Wou-ki's birthday, the Chinese people on the European art world
  • 1883-2-13 German composer Wagner's death
  • 1766-2-13 British economist Malthus was born
  • 0951-2-13 Guo Wei establish HouZhou
  • 1910-2-13 The birth of the inventor of the transistor, William Shockley
  • 1945-2-13 Allied aircraft began bombing of Dresden
Event occurred in the history on February-13

Event occurred in the history on February-13

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