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2024-2-21 Wednesday

  • 1898-2-21 Tan Sitong founded the Southern Society
  • 1941-2-21 Nobel Prize winners of the Canadian physician Frederick Banting's death
  • 1941-2-21 New Fourth Army crusade against Li Changjiang
  • 1949-2-21 American psychiatrist and psychoanalytic theorist Sullivan's death
  • 1949-2-21 Mao Zedong met with Fu Zuoyi Fu Zuoyi Ministry was incorporated into the People's Liberation Army
  • 1930-2-21 Yuan Wencai, the Zuo killed injustice
  • 1938-2-21 Astronomy father of modern solar observatory Haier's death
  • 1984-2-21 Soviet writer Sholokhov's death
  • 1916-2-21 Battle of Verdun begins
  • 1791-2-21 Austrian pianist, composer and music educator Carl Czerny was born
  • 1935-2-21 The Northwest Red Army and the revolutionary base in northern Shaanxi create Xie Zichang the death
  • 1962-2-21 Comprehensive adjustment of the national economy of the West Wing meeting
  • 1951-2-21 The Central People's Government announced the "People's Republic of punishing counter-revolutionary Ordinance"
  • 1951-2-21 The central government issued harsh suppression of counterrevolutionaries instructions
  • 2008-2-21 U.S. forces launch missile successfully intercepted the runaway satellite
  • 2008-2-21 "Pornographic" incident Edison Statement quit the Hong Kong entertainment industry. "
Event occurred in the history on February-21

Event occurred in the history on February-21

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