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2023-2-23 Thurday

  • 1947-2-23 The formal establishment of the International Organization for Standardization
  • 1947-2-23 Battle of Laiwu Sheng Fu Li Xianzhou, F Chiang's troops seven trip
  • 1947-2-23 Indonesian Vice President Megawati's Birthday
  • 1868-2-23 DuBois's Birthday, the famous American writer
  • 1998-2-23 Hawking on the origin of the universe and the end result is that the universe has a beginning but no end
  • 1979-2-23 The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress decided March 12 of each year for the Chinese Arbor Day
  • 1903-2-23 Czechoslovakia national hero Fucik the birth
  • 1873-2-23 Qing Dynasty Reform Movement leaders Liang Qichao's birthday
  • 2003-2-23 The death of one of the representatives of the American sociologist, structural functionalism Merton
  • 1685-2-23 The British German composer George Friedrich Handel's Birthday
  • 1943-2-23 Soviet Patriotic War hero Matt Luosuo Fu martyred
  • 1951-2-23 Patriotic educator Zhang Boling's death
  • 1940-2-23 Anti-Japanese national hero Yang Jingyu martyred
  • 1994-2-23 Russian State Duma passed the Amnesty Act, pardon the "8.19" incident in 1991
  • 1899-2-23 German children's literature writer Keith Turner's Birthday
  • 1945-2-23 The Soviet writers Ah Tolstoy's death
Event occurred in the history on February-23

Event occurred in the history on February-23

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