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2024-2-26 Monday

  • 2004-2-26 The United Nations to convene an emergency meeting of the prevention and control of avian influenza in Asia
  • 2004-2-26 The United States and Russia SriLankan members have for the first time in the station unattended state spacewalk
  • 1993-2-26 The World Trade Center in New York the Big Bang
  • 1917-2-26 Germany announced the overall submarine warfare, the United States and Germany broke off diplomatic relations
  • 1841-2-26 Guan Tianpei bloody Humen
  • 2001-2-26 The death of Claude Elwood Shannon, the founder of the U.S. Information Theory
  • 1936-2-26 The advent of the German Volkswagen
  • 1990-2-26 The former Soviet Union announced withdrawal from the Czech Republic
  • 1914-2-26 Zhili captaincy Zhaobing Jun poisoned by Yuan Shikai
  • 1998-2-26 Shuozhou adulterated liquor case that shocked the nation
  • 2006-2-26 The death of big Russian independent television journalist Ilya hereby expressly
  • 2006-2-26 Thai capital of Bangkok, 100,000 people against Thaksin demonstrations and rallies
  • 1968-2-26 Modern Peking Opera "The Red Lantern" tree as a revolutionary model operas
  • 1911-2-26 Reagan's birthday, the 40th president of the United States
  • 2003-2-26 The end of the second plenary session of the 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
  • 2011-2-26 Zhu Guangya, China's "two bombs and one satellite" fathers died
Event occurred in the history on February-26

Event occurred in the history on February-26

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