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2023-3-8 Wednesday

  • 1966-3-8 Xingtai earthquake Zhou Enlai went to express sympathy and solicitude
  • 1917-3-8 The outbreak of the Russian February Revolution
  • 2001-3-8 Jiang Zemin pointed out to create a socialist modernization construction
  • 1944-3-8 Spitfire aircraft power play in the fight against Germany
  • 1971-3-8 Peking Opera artist Qiu Shengrong the death
  • 1514-3-8 Japan's Warring States Period daimyo Nigerian born CHING long
  • 1702-3-8 British King William III's death
  • 1702-3-8 Prince of Orange, the Dutch ruling, the death of William III, King of England
  • 1927-3-8 Communists Chan Chan Yin sacrifice
  • 1935-3-8 Movie star Ruan Lingyu committed suicide
  • 2000-3-8 Hu Changqing, was executed in Nanchang
  • 2008-3-8 Liu Xiang won the 12th World Indoor Athletics Championships held in Spain
  • 1913-3-8 Chinese film actress Anna was born
  • 2005-3-8 Hu Jintao, respectively, participated in two sessions to examine and discuss
  • 1641-3-8 The death of China's Ming Dynasty geographer Xu
  • 1975-3-8 The death of outstanding opera artist Zhou Xinfang
Event occurred in the history on Marcy-8

Event occurred in the history on Marcy-8

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