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2024-3-12 Tuesday

  • 1993-3-12 A great proletarian revolutionary Comrade Wang Zhen died in Guangzhou
  • 1947-3-12 Truman Doctrine, the United States and the Soviet Union "the Cold War officially began
  • 1898-3-12 The birth of the "March of the Volunteers" word of Tian Han
  • 1955-3-12 The "provision Pope jazz virtuoso Charlie Parker's death
  • 1925-3-12 Sun Yat-sen's death in Beijing
  • 2009-3-12 Peru poetess Blanca Barrera's death
  • 1990-3-12 Gorbachev was elected Soviet Union's first president
  • 1990-3-12 13th CPC Sixth Plenary Session decided to strengthen the links of the Party and the masses
  • 1979-3-12 China resumed the Arbor Day
  • 1930-3-12 Gandhi launched the "salt march", the second non-cooperation movement began
  • 1881-3-12 Kemal was born of the leaders of the national liberation movement of Turkey, Sun Yat-sen
  • 2003-3-12 Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Zoran Djindjic was assassinated
  • 2003-3-12 WHO published a global SARS alert
  • 1997-3-12 The native literary writer Liu Shaotang in Beijing died
  • 1929-3-12 Inventor of Coca-Cola, Asa Candler died
  • 1910-3-12 Japan's 68th Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira was born
Event occurred in the history on Marcy-12

Event occurred in the history on Marcy-12

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