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2023-3-17 Friday

  • 1966-3-17 Lost hydrogen bomb was found near the coast in Spain
  • 1525-3-17 Germany Munzer uprising
  • 0901-3-17 Emperor Taizu of Liao emperor, the country Khitan
  • 1952-3-17 Stalin prize of four writers won the 1951 scientific and literary arts
  • 1998-3-17 China has promised not to devalue
  • 1998-3-17 Premier Zhu Rongji was elected at a meeting of the Ninth National People's Congress
  • 1979-3-17 Nie Weiping was the first World Amateur Go Championship
  • 1949-3-17 Liberation Army intended to cross the river date
  • 1995-3-17 Filipino maid Flor sentenced to be hanged in Singapore
  • 1919-3-17 China's first batch of work-study students studying in France went to France
  • 2003-3-17 Death of distinguished mathematician and educator Su Buqing
  • 1897-3-17 China Animal Husbandry scientist agriculture educator slaughter were born
  • 1992-3-17 South Africa held Bairen Gong decision
  • 1946-3-17 Of KMT Secretary Dai Li died in a plane crash
  • 1916-3-17 Protect the country and the war CaiE defeated Zhang Jingyao
  • 1954-3-17 Taiwan Wu Guozhen event
Event occurred in the history on Marcy-17

Event occurred in the history on Marcy-17

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