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2024-3-24 Sunday

  • 1955-3-24 China's first watch was born in Tianjin
  • 1990-3-24 Wang Computer Company founder Wang's death
  • 1941-3-24 Xiang Ying, deputy commander of the New Fourth Army murder
  • 1998-3-24 ChenJingRun manuscript Revolutionary Museum
  • 1998-3-24 Beijing one of the oldest Buddhist stone carvings stolen
  • 1949-3-24 Chinese women, the first National People's Congress convened
  • 1919-3-24 Beijing launched the Working Mutual Aid Group
  • 2011-3-24 Myanmar 7.2 earthquake triggered landslides
  • 2011-3-24 Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor's death
  • 1935-3-24 Mei Lanfang's performances in the Soviet Union, a big success
  • 1935-3-24 The three-member military team of the CPC Central Committee was established, Mao Zedong was the Red Army command
  • 1905-3-24 French science fiction writer Jules Verne's death
  • 2008-3-24 Beijing Olympic Games flame lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia, Greece, site of
  • 2008-3-24 King of Bhutan the Qaisar willing to give up the monarchy government to the people
  • 1997-3-24 National People's Congress approved the establishment of the Chongqing municipality
  • 1921-3-24 Activities founding Chen in Guangdong
Event occurred in the history on Marcy-24

Event occurred in the history on Marcy-24

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